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Is Up To No Good
is a
World of Warcraft
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Kargath server.

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Heroic, Scenario, and Raid Groups

Charsi, Oct 12, 12 2:13 PM.
We are now two weeks into Pandaria and we have our first few Level 90 toons.  Congratulation to Bovineslayer, Payens, Xyna, Charsi, Remroller, Gertigirl, and Brotas!  As time goes on, look to be running Heroics and Scenarios and build towards the Raid aspect.  We'll start doing sign-ups soon.  Good Hunting!

The Trek To Pandaria Is Upon Us...

Charsi, Sep 24, 12 8:06 PM.
With the release of Mists of Pandaria tonight, I just wanted to put out a few pointers.  Tonight at 3:00 AM EST, the Mists around Pandaria will be lifted after 10,000 years of self-imposed isolation.  You will not need to log off as everything is already loaded to go.  The opening will be not unlike the Daily Quest resets as at the stroke of 3 AM, you will receive a quest to report to Varian Wrynn in Stormwind Keep even if your quest log is full.  From there, the excitement begins.  Enjoy and good luck!



Blue Post for Mists of Pandaria Live Activation Mists of Pandaria Survival Guide

Update: Theramore Isle Scenario

Charsi, Sep 18, 12 5:20 AM.
Just a heads up for everyone.  The scenario is up as of Monday September 17 and requires the character to have at least a cumulative item level of 353 to queue up for the scenario.  There are certain items that drop from this scenario now that will not when it becomes a level 90 scenario after the release of MoP, so make sure you make it out there for the gear and other items.  You can find more info on the front page of under the Fall of Theramore headline.  Go kill some Horde.
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We are currently recruiting players of any class and level.

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